Friday, November 2, 2007


Founded by Werner Erhard in 1973

More than $3.9 million in grants were distributed. The work supported includes projects which have:

-Provided emergency relief to Mexican earthquake victims.

-Supported shipment of more than $5 million worth of famine relief supplies to Mozambique

-Provided $90,000 in relief for Cambodian famine victims.

-Provided funding for Professor Hu Mon-Yu’s work in China in establishing a new model for elementary education.

-Made possible high-level educational exchanges and work with leading management institutions in Russia.

-Provided funding for the World Institute on Disability to support handicapped participation in the 1984 Olympics.

-Supported Project Participant.. to increase voter participation of the Hispanic community in California.

-Provided financial support for Dr. Humberto Maturana’s work on human cognition.

-Provided funding for Dr. Roy Prosterman’s work at the University of Washington on development and hunger issues.

-Provided funding to carry on the work of R. Buckminster Fuller.

-Produced and funded 10 annual science conferences for leading international scientists.

-Raised $56,000 for the Red Cross relief effort for San Francisco earthquake victims.