Friday, September 9, 2011

"Novel Configurations in Quantum Field Theory"

Sponsored by The Werner Erhard Foundation

January 22 through 24, 1977 San Francisco, California

The Werner Erhard Foundation Physics Conference, like the early Solvay Conferences, brought together a relatively small group of renowned physicists who experienced a close working relationship in a supportive and congenial environment outside of a university or professional society setting. This particular group of outstanding physicists had never before met together in a conference. This was the first opportunity for these distinguished physicists to participate directly with each other.

Eduard Brezin C.E.N. Saclay Gif sur Yvette
Curt Callan Universite de Paris - Sud
Geoffrey Chew University of California at Berkeley
Sidney Coleman Harvard University
Roger Dashen School for Natural Sciences Institute for Advanced Study
Richard Feynman California Institute of Technology
David Finkelstein Yeshiva University Jean-Loup Gervais Universite de Paris - Sud
Fred Goldhaber State University of New York at Stony Brook
David Gross Princeton University
Roman Jackiw, M.I.T.
T. D. Lee Columbia University
Claudio Rebbi M.I.T.
Stanley Mandelstam University of California at Berkeley
Leonard Susskind Yeshiva University
J. A. Swieca Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janiero
Steven Weinberg Stanford University
John Wheeler University of Texas
Edward Witten Harvard University

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