Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Werner Erhard Foundation Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Werner Erhard Foundation was to encourage and support research, communication, education, and scholarly endevors in the fields of human well-being and transformation, both individual and social.

The Werner Erhard Foundation provided financial and organizational support for individuals, organizations, and institutions that are contributing to the process of transformation and to the creation of the reality of a world that works for everyone.

Health and Well Being

To encourage and support practices and perceptions that enable people to become more responsible for and to expand their mental and physical health and well-being.

Education and Society

To support the art and science of education so that people are empowered by the teaching and learning process to fulfill their potential for making a difference.

Cultural and Spiritual Exchange

To support the study of the diversity of cultural and theological/philosophical approaches to human values and to make that knowledge available to the public.

Scientific Research and Conferences

To support scientific inquiry and dialogue regarding the nature of reality, understanding, and human experience.

Global Transformation

To expand the awareness of the reality of a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out, and to encourage individuals to participate in bringing about a transformation in the quality of life on our planet.